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Let us help you create a GREAT Easter Basket for any age!

Stop by to check out our wide selection of chocolates, penny candy, and seasonal treats and gift ideas. We’ve got some great holiday gift ideas and centerpieces like the items below!
Whether you are looking for a holiday gift for that certain someone, a unique gift to bring to an event, or if you simply wish to sweeten your own holiday or seasonal gatherings, Sweet Mimi’s Chocolates has what you need. Check below for some great ideas!


ceramic bunny basket with chocolate eggs

Easter must be around… the corner!

Easter basket surprises

Shelves of Easter Items

Surprise someone Special with a SWEET TREAT!

Bunnies on sticks

Hop hop over to Sweet Mimi’s!

Easter Cups

Package up some fun!

stuffed animals

Little furry ones

Spring sprinkled chocolate egg.

Spring sprinkled chocolate egg.

Easter plate

Easter gift plate and fuzzy friend.

Bunny in Cloth Bag

We Deliver or will Ship your Sweet Treats!

All sorts of Easter brightness!

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